About Kseniya

Kseniya is a co-founder and software developer at Upstate Interactive, a digital consultancy headquartered in Syracuse, NY.

In 2015 she wrote her first line of code and in 2016 she took a Full Stack Javascript bootcamp that changed everything. During the bootcamp, Kseniya decided to leave her comfortable career in accounting and pursue web development full time. Not before long, she had started a company with her three business partners.

Over the years, Kseniya has worked on everything from custom Wordpress sites, to building web applications using Angular and Sails.js, to developing smart contracts on top of the Ethereum blockchain (her new favorite).

Kseniya is passionate about getting more women into tech. She has seen first hand the lack of women in the industry, and aims to change that. In Syracuse, Kseniya co-founded Women In Coding with her friend and now business partner, Zoe Koulouris. After moving to Los Angeles, she founded a group called DAppLadies, to teach female developers how to build decentralized applications. She is also a member of The Rabbit Hole network, a woman-powered blockchain community that promotes the participation and leadership of women in blockchain.

When Kseniya isn’t coding or working on her business, you can find her trying to keep up with an endless list of hobbies which include running, painting, playing the piano, surfing, and learning how to skateboard. She occasionally meditates and reads a lot of good fiction.